Slot Machines Cheaters and Cheats

Cheating in anything sucks, including cheating at the slot machines. Thus, you will not find a “how to cheat in slots guide” on the page, although we did believe that the subject of cheating at slots was attractive enough to actually include an article regarding this here. Please don’t be so stupid as to go stick a coat hanger in a slot machine. The slot cheat is essentially a thief, so don’t do this.

A Big Business – Cheating at Slots?

Eighty percent of a casino’s revenue comes from the slot machines; well over thirty million slots are accessible in brick-and-mortar institutions all over the world. So it is not to wonder that slot cheats look at these machines like golden opportunities. Actually, hundreds of millions of USD have been stolen of slot machines all over the world, including 100 million USD in losses that have been documented at Nevada alone. Astonishingly though, it is estimated that over 97.1 percent of slot cheats get away with their crimes.

While casinos are puzzled with 100s of observation cameras, many of these are pointed at doors, tables, cages and elevators. One sizable casino can have the same as five thousand slots, and it is virtually impossible to watch them all at any given instant.

That’s why practiced slots cheats use the blind spots at casino surveillance systems constantly, and move from machine to machine avoiding drawing extra attention even when recognized as “winning heat”. There are even pros training new slot machines cheaters in exchange for a cut of the profits. This puts new faces at casinos daily and makes locking on a specific person with certainty very difficult.

A knowledgeable slot cheats group set loose at a casino is similar to a plague of locusts on a crop field. One team of slot cheaters could steal up to 1,000 USD in an hour through the use of various methods. If a cheating device is employed, they could make up to 350 USD in less than six minutes. In a year, a knowledgeable crew working less than 5 days in one week could make up to 750,000 USD.

A lot of slot machine cheat devices are comparatively simple; some could even be built for only 25 USD. The more complicated tools could be purchased on the Internet or otherwise through the black market for costs that range from 1,500USD to 25,000USD.

The story focused on the computer chips in slot machines and began with parts of an interview with Frank Romano who, Ross said, was banned from the industry because a company he owned with two partners was charged with rigging its video poker machines to avoid giving out royal flush jackpots.

One Legend among the Slots Cheats

One of the all-time great slot cheats is Tommy Glenn Carmichael. He began through using a device referred to as a “top-bottom joint”, however he was finally caught and sentenced to jail. Unfazed, he started up again on his release. The machines had developed more high tech by this time; still Tommy was a mechanical genius and relished in the challenge.

Next he invented a device known as a “monkey paw” or “slider” which was placed up into the machine and used to trip the payout switch. Later, when the manufacturer made a countered device, Tommy reacted by creating a tongue-shaped device that would add credits to a machine that could later be cashed out.